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TRC Updates RV Voltage Regulators

Originally Published in MotorHome Magazine

Technology Research Corporation (TRC) recently announced the
introduction of 30-amp and 50-amp Surge Guard RV Voltage Regulators to
its RV power protection lineup. Poor power quality entering your RV can
not only affect the longevity of your electronic equipment and motors,
but can cost you thousands of dollars in repairs and create frustrating,
unnecessary travel delays.

Surges, however, are not the only dangers to
your electronic equipment. The quality of power entering a home is
generally consistent; however, the same can not be said for RV parks.
Power quality in RV parks is subject to vast fluctuations and is
dependent upon many factors. Intensity of electrical loads placed on an
RV park, weather conditions, faulty wiring and undersized or
deteriorating electrical connections affect the quality of power
entering your RV.

With today’s RV containing sophisticated and sensitive
electronics, a few short seconds of faulty power can wipe out
appliances within the coach such as stereos, satellites, microwaves,
televisions and refrigerators. Surge Guard Voltage Regulators are
intended for use with RVs to provide a reliable source of power when
experiencing low input voltage. These innovative voltage regulators
automatically and continually monitor line voltage conditions and boost
voltage to an acceptable level, when needed, helping prevent low voltage
damage to the RV’s appliances and electronic devices. According to the
manufacturer, TRC’s Voltage Regulators are the first boosters that
include intelligence with easy-to-read LED status and fault indication

Using the Surge Guard Voltage Regulator in conjunction with a
Surge Guard RV power protection product provides the ultimate
combination of line voltage and surge protection.

TRC’s Surge Guard products are available at RV dealers nationwide, including Camping World.

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