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Traveling With Pets

Originally Published in Trailer Life Magazine

Travel with a pet definitely makes a difference in a full-time RVer’s lifestyle. There’s no monumental reason not to take a pet with you if you are so inclined. True, some parks and campgrounds do not permit them, but most do. For example, Florida state parks prohibit pets, as do many public parks. Private parks that do not permit them make that fact known in their listings in the Good Sam Campground/RV Park & Services Directory. By simply checking, there’s little problem in selecting stops.

If you take your pet on the road, bear in mind these two cardinal rules: First, you owe it to your pet to give it the care it is entitled to, so that it can live a comfortable, happy life. That means exercise, food, water and attention according to its needs — not yours. If you choose to take your pet along, you should be willing to take the time and trouble to care for it. You owe it that. Secondly, you owe it to your fellow camper to give him the consideration he expects and deserves, which does not include having to listen to your dog bark all day while you visit local attractions. Nor does it include requiring him to pick up after your dog has behaved as a normal dog is prone to do on his campsite. The rules for taking your pet with you are simple. Unfortunately too many people break them, thereby making the “pet issue” a big one. Take your pet, but take care of it properly, and be considerate of your neighbors.

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