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Top o’ the Slide!

Originally Published in Trailer Life Magazine

Dometic’s Deluxe Slidetoppers help protect the roof membrane and seals.

Leaks are the bane of every RVer’s existence. When they go unnoticed or unchecked, a slow leak develops into mold, mildew, rot and structural damage that’s really expensive to repair. One source of such leaks are slideouts. The flat roofs on slides can hold detritus and water, snow and ice, which can then seep through seams. And, if the detritus is left on there when the slide is retracted, the slide seals are damaged or worse. Deluxe Slidetoppers by Dometic are a great fix for these issues.

Slidetoppers are attached to the slideout and the RV wall and automatically extend and retract with the room. Made with an easy-to-clean vinyl, the slidetoppers are weather resistant, and help keep the slideout’s roof dry and free of leaves, pine needles, branches and more.

Slideout roofs are thinner and less insulated the main RV roof. As a result, any snow that falls on them during cold-weather camping will melt more quickly, causing ice jams. In the summer, heat is transferred through the roof more quickly. Dometic’s Deluxe Slidetoppers help keep the snow off in winter and the roof cooler in summer. They protect your investment and are available in a variety of fabric and color choices.




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