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Top 5 Useful RV Accessories

Originally Published in MotorHome Magazine

Phoenix, Ariz. (Vocus/PRWEB) – Pedata RV Center is often asked what
accessories are necessary and/or recommended for recreational vehicles.
New buyers want to have what they need before they go on their first
trip and “old” RVers want to make their trips as comfortable as

So it’s no surprise that Pedata RV Center is releasing its Top 5 List of useful and popular RV accessories:

1. RV cover: You’ve made a big investment. Protect it from the elements.

2. RV air conditioner: You never know where you’ll end up.
You’re mobile now. So make sure you don’t get stuck in the heat without
any control over the temperature.

3. Satellite dish: While you won’t want to stay inside all
the time watching TV, you might want to keep up on the news and spend
the random rainy day catching up on your favorite reality show.

4. Cargo Carriers: Get all the organized space you need; the more you can store on the exterior, the roomier it will be inside.

5. Bike Rack: Don’t leave your bike behind. It’s the perfect companion on many RV trips.

Clint Ethington of Pedata RV Center says: “There are a wide variety
of RV accessories that can make a trip easier, more comfortable, and
even more enjoyable. The preferred accessory depends entirely upon the
user and the destination. But there are some that are almost always a
good choice that aren’t the first to come to mind. That’s how our Top 5
list came about.”

For more information on Pedata RV Center, go to www.pedatarv.com.

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