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The Scenic Route: Give Me A (Spring) Break

Originally Published in Trailer Life Magazine

Spring break.  Two words that conjure up images of wild debauchery in those traditional destinations where college kids revel in doing things that they either won’t recall or will end up regretting later. All of which leads me to conclude that spring break—like youth itself—is wasted on the young.

Big Bend Scenic Byway

Big Bend Scenic Byway – Photo courtesy of: Apalachicola Bay Chamber of Commerce

Those of us who are old enough to know better will likely want something a little more memorable from our spring break travels.  Which, not coincidently, is exactly what you’ll find when you hitch up the trailer and spend that precious week of vacation following The Scenic Route.

Now, the National Scenic Byways program has more than 150 federally-designated byways just waiting to be explored.  To save you from having to sort through all those options, allow me to simplify your trip planning with four scenic byways that experience tells me would make dandy spring break getaways:

Big Bend Scenic Byway
Yes, it’s Florida, but this region of the state’s panhandle is a part of “old” Florida those college kids probably don’t even know exists.

Alabamas Coastal Connection

Alabamas Coastal Connection

Alabama’s Coastal Connection
Centered on Mobile Bay, this byway includes everything from sandy beaches to lazy rivers to historic Civil War forts.






Death Valley

Death Valley

Death Valley Scenic Byway
Don’t let the name scare you as this picturesque slice of California desert is bursting with life thanks to balmy temperatures that bring an explosion of wildflowers.





Pacific Coast Scenic Byway

Pacific Coast Scenic Byway

Pacific Coast Scenic Byway
Granted the weather along the Oregon coast can be a little chilly this time of year, but the roads are quiet and winter storms make the beaches a treasure trove for beachcombers.






Scenic Route

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