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The Scenic Route: A Place For Our Stuff

Originally Published in Trailer Life Magazine

One of the things I love about the late, great comedian George Carlin is the way he made many of the fundamental truths of life so downright hilarious. Like the classic bit he did for the first Comic Relief HBO special in 1986 on how we all need a place for our stuff (Google it, unless you’re easily offended).

Which reminds me of the process we went through as we were planning the adventure we’re calling The Scenic Route. After we found our trailer, the next order of business was to—yep, you guessed it—find a place for our stuff.

While our Kodiak 300BHSL has a decent amount of storage, I wanted to find a place for all the odds-n-ends—tools, a stepladder, camp chairs and more—that either wouldn’t fit in the trailer or that we’d want to have with us when we’d dropped the trailer at an RV park to go exploring in the truck.

Now, the logical answer to secure storage in a pickup is a bed cap. Only problem is, most consumer-oriented designs make it a pain to get at the stuff you have squirreled away inside. My solution? The DCU Series of commercial truck caps from A.R.E.

While these units are designed and built for rugged commercial use, that’s not the real attraction as far as I’m concerned. No, what made the A.R.E. DCU model line so appealing is the customization possibilities it offers.

Working from the ARE website, I was able to specify everything from the placement of outside storage compartments and the layout of the shelves inside them to the rear door design, roof profile, and custom color-matched paint. I also selected the optional BedSlide which makes it much easier to access items stored near the front of the pickup’s bed without having to actually climb inside. 

In short, over the past 7,000 miles we’ve found the DCU bed cap has turned out to be an ideal solution to our never-ending search for a place to put all our stuff.


Scenic Route

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