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The RV-Electric Vehicle Connection

Originally Published in MotorHome Magazine

Is the electric-car charging station of the future a Winnebago?

It could be in some circumstances, speculated Luis Ramirez, CEO of the Industrial Solutions Group at General Electric. Ramirez recently met with some consumers and customer groups in Oregon, and some asked whether it would be possible to use the engine of an RV to charge an EV. RV drivers often tow cars behind them as they travel on down the road. Coming up with a charging system for RVs would help open a niche market. Technically, it’s not impossible.

Ramirez and other GE executives are in the middle of a road trip to promote products such as the WattStation charging station and to create awareness about some of the issues that will face companies when EVs begin to hit the road in large numbers. It wasn’t your usual Silicon Valley audience at the Harding Park Golf Course in San Francisco. Instead of investors and job seekers, most of the attendees were executives from parking-lot companies, some AAA representatives, and many electricians — in other words, the people that are actually going to make this happen.

Michael Kanellos of Greentechmedia.com sat down with Ramirez and others, and shares some of the issues on their mind. Read the full story at The Motley Fool.

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