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The New Philips Headlight Restoration Kit

Originally Published in MotorHome Magazine

Dim, cloudy or discolored headlight lenses can impair a driver’s nighttime visibility and make it difficult for others to see the coach on the road. Remove the effects of sunlight, ozone and road pollution by reconditioning those plastic lenses in 30 minutes with the new Philips Headlight Restoration Kit. The company claims the kit will restore lenses to like-new condition with minimal effort and doesn’t require power tools. It also adds a protective UV coating to help prevent clouding for up to two years. The kit includes pretreatment, cleaner/polish, shine restorer/preserver, paper towels, gloves and grit sandpaper (course, medium and fine) for severe yellowing.

The Headlight Restoration Kit retails for $19.99-$24.99 and is available at Pep Boys auto parts stores and on www.Amazon.com.

Philips, 800-257-6054,


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