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The Maxwell Full-timing Aptitude Test

Originally Published in Trailer Life Magazine

The Maxwell Full-timing Aptitude Test

Trailer Life

October 2000

The following questions pertain to your attitudes about how you want to live your life. The objective of the test is to compare your attitudes with those most characteristic of RV full-timers in order to determine whether or not you are suited to the RV full-timing lifestyle.

Print this test and choose the answers that best describe your feelings.

1. Most of the time, I feel that

a. I am happy and completely content with my home, family and my present mode of
b. I would like to go more, do more and see more.
c. we live in a lousy world, and there’s not much anyone can do about it.

2. My idea of a perfect Sunday afternoon is

a. to sit in a comfortable chair, eat snacks and watch a TV special.
b. to work at my hobby alone.
c. to take a drive in the country on a road we’ve never taken before.

3. At a large gathering of people

a. I sometimes start conversations with strangers.
b. I find a quiet spot at the side and watch.
c. I talk only with people I know.

4. When planning a trip, I like to

a. choose roads I am familiar with.
b. select roads I’ve never taken before.
c. stay on the interstates when possible.

5. My spouse

a. is my best friend.
b. bores me much of the time.
c. generally does what he or she likes, and I do my own thing.

6. In heavy traffic or on mountain roads

a. I am usually nervous or terrified.
b. I watch the scenery or the people in their cars.
c. I am usually bored.

7. When something breaks around the house or won’t work

a. I usually try to fix it and frequently succeed.
b. I usually just let it stay broken.
c. I always call an expert to come and fix it.

8. My favorite book is

a. a romance novel.
b. an atlas.
c. a spy thriller.

9. I most enjoy visiting

a. shopping malls.
b. historical houses.
c. flea markets.

10. Given the choice, I would choose first to see

a. Carlsbad Caverns.
b. my favorite soap opera.
c. a pro football game.

11. My favorite food is

a. at restaurants.
b. what I (or my spouse) prepares.
c. what anyone else prepares.

12. My idea of the perfect way to travel is

a. by air, staying and eating at hotels.
b. by automobile, staying at motels and eating at restaurants.
c. by motorhome or towing a travel trailer.

13. I would love to see more of

a. Europe.
b. Asia.
c. the United States.

14. I am happiest when

a. I am involved in a familiar routine.
b. I am embarking on a new adventure.
c. I am alone in my favorite room.

15. My experience in RVing:

a. Never have done it, so I don’t know anything about it.
b. Rather new at it, but I like it very much so far.
c. Been at it for several years and love it.

16. How I feel about my home:

a. It provides me with the roots that I must have.
b. I love it, I am very sentimental about it, and could never give it up.
c. I like it but it isn’t absolutely crucial to my happiness.

17. How I feel about my kids and grandkids:

a. I love them dearly, but I have other things to do in life that cause me to be
without them much of the time, and I can live with that.
b. If I don’t see them every few days, I am very, very unhappy.
c. I feel that families should get together every Sunday and holiday.

18. Meeting new people is

a. not very exciting or interesting.
b. usually a pleasant experience and sometimes leads to new friends.
c. a meaningless chore most of the time.

19. My preference in a vacation destination would be

a. to visit relatives.
b. Nova Scotia.
c. a nice hotel in Chicago.

20. My spouse and I

a. tolerate each other most of the time.
b. often laugh at the same things.
c. go along together without much fuss and feathers.

21. Given the option, I would usually

a. drive 100 miles out of the way rather than drive through Los Angeles.
b. drive over a curvy mountain road rather than a flat desert road.
c. not drive at all if I could ride with someone else.

22. If I were taking a long trip in an automobile, I would be least likely to
leave at home

a. my tool box
b. my best suit
c. my favorite cassettes

23. Of the following three options, I would most like to

a. spend a month at a Florida beach condo.
b. have a month in which to do absolutely no work or chores.
c. drive the Alaska Highway.

24. Before I leave this earth, I would like most to

a. visit all 50 states.
b. save up a lot of money.
c. be elected to a political office.

25. If I won the lottery, my first big purchase would be

a. a new house.
b. presents for all my relatives.
c. a new motorhome or trailer.



1-b; 2-c; 3-a; 4-b; 5-a; 6-b; 7-a; 8-b; 9-b; 10-a; 11-b; 12-c; 13-c; 14-b; 15-c; 16-c;
17-a; 18-b; 19-b; 20-b; 21-b; 22-a; 23-c; 24-a; 25-c.


Each correct answer counts one point.

23-25: Your chances of becoming a successful full-timer are excellent. Pack your rig
and get going.
20-22: Probably you will do OK, but you may have to work on a few problems now and
then. Keep the house for a while.
15-19: Success is up in the air. It looks like you would encounter some bumpy roads as
a full-timer. Test the waters carefully with a trial run (say six months) before
you cut home ties.
10-14: Success doubtful. If you try full-timing, do so with your eyes open to the fact
that you need to overcome some very anti-full-timing attitudes
9 or less: Do yourself (and others) a favor; you’ll be happier if you stay at home.


The Maxwell Full-timing Aptitude Test was prepared by Gaylord Maxwell — motorhome
enthusiast, former RV dealer, founder of Life on
seminars, and author of a book on the subject. Maxwell offers personal insight
into the pros and cons, and do’s and don’ts of entering the exciting world of full-time

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