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The Duop Cleaning System: Compact Versatility

Originally Published in MotorHome Magazine

While cleaning your motorhome is an important task, packing a variety of single-purpose tools to do so can be a frustrating waste of space. The Duop system solves that problem by doing much more than a standard mop, allowing you to clean the interior from top to bottom with one tool. The Duop’s reusable microfiber pad is washable up to 100 times and can be used wet or dry, according to the company. Duop’s quick-ball system grips the cleaning head in virtually any cleaning position, allowing for cleaning of curved, vertical and overhead surfaces in addition to floors. The pole can be detached so the quick-ball head can be used alone for scrubbing and wiping, while keeping your hands out of the grit and grime. MSRP: $29.99 for a single telescoping handle, a medium cleaning head and a medium microfiber pad. Kits with up to three head units of various sizes are available for additional cost.

Clean Design Co. | 413-274-4126 | www.theduop.com


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