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Tandem Tow Dollies

Originally Published in MotorHome Magazine

Owning a motorhome is a study in the art of compromise. Enthusiasts are
continually reminded of the difference between taking what you want —
and packing only what you need. That same mental tug-of-war happens when
deciding which big toys to bring along. Your coach is only capable of
towing a single addition — leaving you to pick between boat trailer,
dinghy, motorcycle dolly or ATV trailer.

Of course, if you’d rather not have to choose, Race City RV
Products produces Tandem Tow Dollies that allow you to take your dinghy,
and your choice of golf cart, ATV and a motorcycle — or two. The
dollies are available with 3,500- and 5,000-pound gross axle weight
ratings, and either 5,000- or 8,000-pound gross vehicle weight ratings.
They all incorporate a unique adjustable Car Swivel Plate, which allows
adjustment of the tongue-weight distribution to “fine tune” the load.
Loading ramps and dinghy wheel straps are standard; options include a
motorcycle track, spare tire, cargo box, brakes (hydraulic surge or
electric) and powder-coated colors to match most RVs.

Race City RV Products, (866) 223-1016, racecityrvproducts.com.

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