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Talon-ted Tie Downs

Originally Published in Trailer Life Magazine


Once you get that truck camper into the back of your pickup, you want to make sure it stays put — and a set of good camper tie-downs is part of that equation. Torklift International released a new truck camper tie-down called the Talon, made of military-grade aluminum. Weighing just 25 pounds per set, the Talon is 40 percent lighter than the company’s equivalent steel tie-downs and is backed by a lifetime warranty and lifetime corrosion protection. Like Torklift’s other tie-downs, the Talon attaches to the truck frame, eliminating the possibility of bed damage. Talon Tie Downs are available for most popular Ford, Chevrolet and Dodge trucks, and require no drilling.

MSRP:  $386 (front set), $318 (rear set)
800-246-8132 | www.torklift.com


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