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Take a trip to the Charles M. Schulz Museum

Originally Published in Trailer Life Magazine

Step back to fond childhood memories in Santa Rosa, Calif., home of the Charles M. Schulz Museum. The famous Peanuts characters come to life amid exhibits chock full of comic strips, creative displays, stuffed animals and interactive areas. Since it opened in August 2002, the 27,384-square-foot museum has welcomed more than 500,000 people from around the world and has displayed roughly 2,500 original comic strips. The museum’s collection is featured, in part, on the website including the Charles M. Schulz Personal Effects Collection, Library Collection, Original Peanuts Comic Strip Collection, Photography Collection and more. Plan to spend a day at the museum with a smile on your face and chuckle in your belly as you explore inspirational, funny and memorable Peanuts comic strips and memorabilia.

Charles M. Schulz Museum

Charles M. Schulz Museum. 

The best part about the Charles M. Schulz Museum is that it offers something for everyone in the family, from youngest to oldest. Changing exhibits such as Useable, Loveable Peanuts discusses the branding and merchandising of Peanuts products in the 1960s, and the Art of the Line exhibit details where Schulz drew his inspiration (pun intended). The museum also includes several permanent exhibits like Schulz’s Re-created Studio, containing the drawing board he used from nearly the start of his career, the shelves and walls that included personal books, photos, gifts and memorabilia; Wrapped Snoopy House, a life-size doghouse wrapped in tarpaulin, polyethylene and ropes submitted as a compliment to Schulz by Christo and Jeanne-Claude, artists Schulz paid tribute to in a 1978 Peanuts comic strip.

Taking inspiration from nature, the Snoopy Labyrinth exhibit, located outside the museum, is shaped like Snoopy’s head and allows visitors to follow a single path from start to finish. Japanese artist Yoshiteru Otani has two exhibits at the Musuem and both are located in the Great Hall. One is a 17-by-22-foot 3D-tile mural wall exhibit of Lucy holding a football for Charlie Brown. The mural is tiled with 3,588 comic strip images in 2-by-8-inch ceramic tiles; and the other is the Morphing Snoopy Wood Sculpture that is composed of 43 layers depicting the evolution and inspiration of Snoopy. The Nursery Wall is a truly rare exhibit that is reserved for those most interested in Schulz’s early beginnings. The Nursery Wall exhibit depicts authentic, rare paintings of Snoopy on all fours and Charlie Brown jumping over a candlestick created by Schulz in 1951 in his family’s Colorado Springs bungalow.

The museum accommodates RV parking. Admission is $10 for adults, $5 for seniors 62+, children (4-18) and students with valid student ID are $5, and children 3 and younger and Museum members are free. Hours and closures vary, call ahead for more information; 707-579-4452, www.schulzmuseum.org.


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