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Survey Says RVers Planning Cutbacks

Originally Published in MotorHome Magazine

Recreational vehicle enthusiasts are feeling a pinch in their
pocketbooks as fuel prices climb, according to Chuck Woodbury, editor of
RVtravel.com. Woodbury noted: “At the end of 2006, we asked our readers
if they planned to buy an RV in the upcoming year. About 20 percent
said they would either definitely or probably buy. In last month’s
(December 2007) survey asking the same question, only about seven
percent of the more than 1,500 RVers who participated said they were
likely to buy in 2008 — nearly two-thirds less than the year before.”

In a separate RVtravel.com survey, eight percent of those who
responded said they would stop RVing entirely if fuel prices reached $4 a
gallon. Most of the 3,300 RVers who participated in the survey said
that the high cost of fuel has forced them to either cut back the
distance they travel, or the time they spend on the road.

Woodbury said that when gas and diesel prices climbed above $2
he worried that RVers would stop traveling. At $3 he was again
concerned. Now, as prices are hitting $4 a gallon in some areas, he says
he is more concerned than ever. Yet, as has happened before, he expects
to be surprised.

“Every time I think fuel prices are just too high for RVers to
keep going, I discover otherwise,” he explained. “The fact is, RVers are
avid about the lifestyle, and it appears most will not quit RVing no
matter what fuel costs. I believe that traveling closer to home will
become a lot more popular in 2008, and long trips will be put on hold.”

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