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SURV Roundup: New Horizons MotoMover

Originally Published in Trailer Life Magazine

New Horizons MotoMover
Notable Features: Completely customizable . . . will build up to 45 feet. Standard MOR/ryde independent suspension, full fiberglass, seamless roof for low maintenance, lower ramp angles for ease of loading toys, optional automatic whole-coach leveling.

In Their Words: “After nearly 18 months of research, we are now building, without question, the most luxurious and livable SURV on the market,” said Philip Brokenicky, CEO/president of New Horizons. “Our coaches are designed specifically for each of our customers . . . whether it’s the living space or the garage requirements.”

Quick Info: Ext length: up to 45′ Ext width: 8′ Ext height: 12′ 6″ Int width: 7′ 8″ Cargo area length: Custom Freshwater cap: 73 gal Black/gray-water cap: 70 gal/70 gal LP-gas cap: 14-21 gal Uvw: Custom Gvwr: Custom Hitch weight: Custom MSRP (base): Custom

New Horizons RVCorporation,

(785) 238-7575,


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