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Stripped-Screw Remover

Originally Published in Trailer Life Magazine

RVs are full of screws, and sooner or later, some of those screw heads are bound to strip out — making their removal a major pain. Sears has made that job a whole lot easier with its new series of Screw-Out screw-extractor tools. The Screw-Out is designed to cut as a left-hand counterclockwise bit, as compared to a standard drill that’s made for right-hand clockwise operation. The unit’s 1/4-inch hex-flat shaft makes for a secure grip in a reversible hand-held power drill or screwdriver. The Screw-Out can also be used in a drill press if it’s set up for reverse rotation.

Sears, Roebuck and Company, (800) 349-4358, sears.com.

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