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Stealth Safe

Originally Published in MotorHome Magazine

If keeping your valuables safe and secure while traveling is a priority, an RV safe is a must.

One option are the high-quality, cost-effective RV floor safes manufactured by Stealth Safe Co. Installation is easy – cut a hole in your motorhome’s floor to accept the safe, place the safe in the hole, bolt it from the inside using two bolts, extend the two flanges under the metal or wood, and secure with two screws. The safe should fit snugly and securely and can then be covered up with carpet or a rug, away from prying eyes.

The RV floor safes come in two sizes (Q200 and Q350 models) and use either a key lock or electronic digital lock. Prices start at $190.

Stealth Safe Co., 800-248-7233, www.stealthsafeco.com.


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