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Staycations and Car Trips Favored in Survey

Originally Published in MotorHome Magazine

In a recent travel survey by Persuadable Research Corp., panelists were asked details about their summer vacation plans. Persuadable Research found, via a recent online survey, that Americans are still ready to hit the open road and spend a little cash on the way. They are also spending the same or more time on staycations,
a term that describes staying home and relaxing or taking day trips
from home to area attractions such as local theme parks or the zoo,
according to a news release.

Car trips won out over air travel. The majority of
the respondents (7 out of 10) said they would be driving to their
destination, while 28 percent said they would be traveling by airplane.
37 percent claim to be traveling fewer miles this year, although 44
percent of respondents plan to travel up to 400 miles and 56 percent
claimed they plan to travel more than 400 miles for their summer

Budget and economy hotels were among our respondents’ favorites for
this summer’s travel (24 percent), while a little less than a quarter
of respondents have plans for staying in all-inclusive resorts or 4/5
star hotels. However, 3 out of 10 travelers will be staying with friends
or family this vacation season.

The planned budget for most travelers, 32 percent, is likely to be
in the range of $500 to $1,500. The budgeted amount varies from less
than $501 to $4,500. Also, according to the online survey results,
one-fifth have a budget of less than $500 and one-fourth plan to spend
in the $1,501 to $2,500 range.

This summer, vacations may be shorter than the previous two years
with a limited budget, at nearby locations and traveling by car instead
of flying. The budgeted amount for vacations has reduced for almost 46
percent, and it’s about the same for 42 percent when compared with the
past 2 years.

Finally, most travel survey respondents will be spending more than 4
days on vacation. 37 percent plan to take 4-6 days of vacation this
summer. 38 percent mentioned taking more than 6 days of vacation.
Around 25 percent are likely to spend 1-3 days on vacation. 75 percent
say they will take the same or more staycations. The reasons for taking
more staycations revolve around limited finances, gas prices,
affordability and new employment.

True to the American spirit, our panelists didn’t let the economy
steal their vacation plans. Instead, they adapted by taking shorter
trips, or less expensive trips. Clearly, it is a mixture of short
driving trips and staycations that Americans are focusing on this
summer. Summer vacations are alive and well in the U.S.A., albeit on a

What do the travel survey results mean for the travel industry?
Americans are still spending, but are more budget-conscious than the
previous two years. For airlines or resorts, it may mean offering deals
or cutting prices to lure consumers. Offering all-inclusive packages
that appeal to those who are on a fixed travel budget may also be an
excellent option. For theme parks or zoos, this may be a great
opportunity to market toward local consumers. Budget and economy hotels,
as well as businesses located on major roadways, are sure to see a
steady flow of business throughout this summer travel season. This is
their chance to create or solidify relationships with travelers.

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