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Stay Cool With Dometic

Originally Published in MotorHome Magazine

A new air conditioner helps to keep your motorhome comfortable year-round

MotorHome readers know better than any other group which RV-specific products work best, which is why Dometic Corp. consistently earns Gold in the HVAC/Comfort Systems category of our annual Readers’ Choice Awards.


For those RVers who are in the market for a new air conditioner, we’ve partnered with Dometic to bring you some of the top picks for best new A/C models available.


Dometic Corp. provides a wide range of air conditioners to fit the need of every type of RVer. The company offers roof-, split-, and under-bench air conditioner models, plus a wide selection of accessories. Their roof models are ideal for saving space inside of the RV, while under-bench units allow installation without affecting your vehicle’s aerodynamic capabilities.


Dometic Brisk II air conditioner in white

Dometic’s Brisk II is a 13,500-Btu rooftop model with large air openings that promote superior airflow and cooling capacity. The unit’s EPP foam housing reduces weight and contributes to improved cooling, and an optional heater function is ideal for cool evenings. The Brisk II is available in white or black.

The first step when choosing an air conditioner is to decide if you want a roof-top model—such as the Brisk II (shown above), the Penguin II (shown below), or a Blizzard NXT—or if you want an under-bench air conditioner, such as the Dometic Cool Cat.

Dometic Penguin II low-profile air conditioner

With an ultra-low profile, this streamlined rooftop unit is aerodynamically designed to reduce drag when on the move. Both air conditioning or heat pump versions available, and the Penguin II comes in black or white models.

Dometic’s Brisk II air conditioner is the next generation of climate control units that act as both an A/C and a heater. The Penguin II A/C is the leading low-profile air conditioner for RVs, according to the company. Available in both ducted and non-ducted units, the Penguin II has an ultra-low profile for a sleek look and reduced drag when on the move.

Dometic Blizzard NXT RV air conditioner

The Blizzard NXT air conditioner and heat pump is one of the most powerful rooftop climate control units available for RVs, according to Dometic. It delivers high-capacity cooling and heating for year-round comfort.

The Blizzard NXT AC and heat pump is one of the most powerful rooftop A/C’s available for RVs due to the high capacity of cooling and heating year-round as well as the quiet operation and high-level insulation that reduces unwanted condensation.

If opting for an under-bench A/C unit, the Dometic Cool Cat has a robust construction with easy installation and is controlled by a wall thermostat.

To learn more, please visit Dometic Corp. online or call 800-Dometic.


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