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Spectacular Scandinavia

Originally Published in MotorHome Magazine

1288747_enews_Sweden01.jpgWebster’s Dictionary and Thesaurus do not do justice to Scandinavia.
Words such as splendid, magnificent, special, glorious and incredible
are mere understatements when attempting to capture the beauty of the
area. From the Danish mermaid and Tivoli Gardens in Denmark; to Old Town and the palace in Sweden’s capital city, Stockholm; to Lapland and Santa’s hideaway in Finland; and especially, to the breathtaking fjords of Norway, the scenery is overwhelming, powerful and not-to-be-missed, if at all possible. This is camping and RVing country.


The “caravans” and caravan parks dot the lakesides, the riverfronts, the
valleys and the mountains. Hikers can be spotted on the lush trails, as
can an occasional moose, goat or sheep. Sporting goods stores abound in
the cities for residents and visitors alike, and bicycles are the
primary mode of urban transportation for the outdoors-oriented citizens.
RV rentals are located on the outskirts of towns.

Stockholm presents the perfect opportunity for walking and
sightseeing. The city stretches across 14 islands on the Stockholm
Archipelago and emotes the feeling of floating. Open-air markets and
food stands beckon from almost every corner; try the famous “red” hot
dog with special mustard. Museums seem to appear on every block, and
shops of all types, including H&M, invite shoppers and lookie-loos

Discover the history of the Vikings from the 11th century in
Old Town, which was founded in 1255. Gaze at the Royal Palace, the Royal
Opera House, and the Town Hall, where the Nobel Prize festivities
occur. And be certain to set aside sufficient time to investigate the
Vasa Museum on Djurgarden Island. The 17th-century Vasa, a royal
flagship commissioned by the king, is on display in the museum built
around it, once the handsome wooden vessel was raised from the harbor
where it sank on its maiden journey. The splendid building offers movies
depicting the event, displays and dioramas, restaurants and an
excellent gift shop.

For more information: www.vasamuseet.se

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