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Some Turtles Have Nice Shells

Originally Published in MotorHome Magazine

In 1969, Roger Beck built his first housetruck — a synonym for a
home-built motorhome — and hit the road as a traveling artist. He
traveled extensively through the Pacific Northwest and met many other
“gypsies” living on the road — and photographed their “land yachts and
desert schooners.” Many made it into this 192-page softbound book. Some
of the images aren’t of great quality — he originally took the photos
for his own enjoyment — but they nonetheless capture the creativity of
their owners.

Some of these oddities epitomize the look and feel of European Gypsy
wagons of the past century, while others are simply one-off designs
erected above old truck chassis.

What gives the book value is the fact that it’s not simply a
document of odd exteriors; for the most part, Beck also provides images
of the comfortable living quarters.

If there’s an omission in the package, it lies in not being
provided with enough information on the coaches on display. However,
Roger does include “under construction” shots of his fourth housetruck,
built on a 1952 Federal five-ton truck, along with the conversion of a
1951 White school bus.

Roger D. Beck; $29.95; TruckingTurtle Publishing, (541) 344-0713, housetrucks.com.

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