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Solar-Powered Radio Light

Originally Published in MotorHome Magazine

What plays music, warns you of an impending tornado, lights your way in the dark and charges your cell phone – all in a single 7.5-ounce product using power from the sun? No, this isn’t a joke and there is no punch line. There is such a product – with L.L. Bean’s name on it. The Solar Dynamo Radio Light, which runs on solar power and a hand crank, has multiple functions.

First, it’s an AM/FM radio. It also has a seven-channel weather band with real-time information. A light is turned on by the press of a soft button on top. Also on top are solar panels, which along with the included rechargeable battery pack make up the power sources for this unit. Another feature of this versatile product is the ability to charge your cell phone with the hand crank. The Solar Dynamo would make an excellent addition to a motorhome and is small enough to fit in a daypack. It retails for $29.95.

L.L. Bean, 877-855-2326, www.llbean.com.


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