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Smart Surge Protector Reports RV Power to Your Phone

Originally Published in MotorHome Magazine

Hughes Autoformers’ Power Watchdog EPO (Emergency Power Off) combines Bluetooth technology with the automatic shut off and re-start of an energy management system, offering enhanced surge protection and making it easy to monitor live RV park power conditions using a free app on a smart device. The Power Watchdog EPO continuously monitors all power conditions, including low and high voltages, open neutral or ground, reverse polarity, volts provided by the park, amps drawn and total kilowatt hours used while plugged into power. In dangerous power conditions, the Watchdog will cut power to the motorhome, and an alert is immediately sent to the customer’s smart device via Bluetooth. Power Watchdog EPO will keep the power off until the problem has been corrected and the appliances/accessories have been safe for 90 seconds. The unit also features replaceable surge protection, plus colored LEDs to make it easy for owners to verify proper power conditions. Power Watchdog EPO comes in hardwired and portable versions. MSRP for 30-amp models starts at $225; 50-amp models start at $256.

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