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Slideout Slickers

Originally Published in Trailer Life Magazine

When we got a new fifth-wheel, we ordered it from the factory with laminate wood flooring. We had wanted this type of flooring for a long time. However, we did not know that when the slideouts came in, they actually scratched the floor in places. For a while we used carpet scraps to prevent scarring, which worked OK but were bulky to store. Someone told us about slideout slickers so we set about making our own at a mere fraction of the cost. From a local home improvement store we purchased a sheet of Masonite and had the clerk cut several pieces 48-by-5.5 inches. For the bedroom we used 24-by-5.5 inches. We bought a 10-foot roll of 12-inch-wide non-skid brown (to match the color of the Masonite) shelf liner and cut it length-wise down the middle giving us 6-inch-wide pieces. This allows for a quarter-inch overlap on each side when we attached it to the Masonite. In the interest of pure scientific research we glued some and used 1.5-inch-wide double-sided tape on others. We recommend the double-sided tape.

Sue McGartland, Livingston, Texas

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