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Six-in-One Battery-Management Solution from REDARC

Originally Published in Trailer Life Magazine

Trailer Life is always looking for new technology to share with readers. REDARC Electronics, which has been at the forefront of developing innovative products for the automotive market, recently introduced a dual-battery system that is ideal for RVs with multiple battery banks.

Your tow vehicle or motorhome comes fitted with one start battery, which can power your accessories, but you will quickly drain that battery and have issues when wanting to start your vehicle. This is when the dual-battery setup comes into place. Installing a second or “house” battery will give you around a day’s worth of power until it runs flat, and adding a battery charger to the setup will ensure that battery can be charged quickly while you’re driving.

Manager30: The Six-in-One Solution from REDARC

REDARC’s Manager30 is a state-of-the-art battery-management system designed to charge and maintain secondary batteries by incorporating AC-, DC- and solar-power inputs. The Manger30 is a 30-amp battery charger that will charge your house battery up to 100 percent. It is compatible with all common automotive battery types, whatever their specific chemistry, and it is ideal for RVs of any size with multiple battery banks.

Whether using lead-acid, gel, calcium, AGM or lithium-iron phosphate batteries, the Manager30 represents a complete battery-charging and maintenance solution.

The REDARC Manager30 operates like six products in one, making it a leader on the market:
• Auxiliary battery charger from the vehicle alternator while on the move
• 120-volt AC shore main power charger
• MPPT solar regulator
• Battery isolator
• Load-disconnect controller
• Remote battery monitor

The Manager30 will also prolong the life of batteries as it charges to supply the correct charge they need. Another convenient inclusion is that it will charge from both solar panels and the alternator simultaneously, and with in-built Green Power Priority, the battery charger will automatically select solar charge first, taking the load off the vehicle’s alternator.Black oval REDARC monitor for BMS.

Ensuring your batteries are getting the correct charge is one thing, but monitoring them and having the peace of mind of a visual readout of this information and charge status is another. REDARC’s Manager30 battery-management system takes the guesswork out of monitoring and managing battery charge. You can simply read all the information on the screen, and it allows you to see the full picture.

With the Manager30 you can see how much charge is going into your batteries, how much is left and how fast you are using the battery power.

To find out more about the Manager30, visit REDARC at www.redarcelectronics.com.

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