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Side Mirror Replacement: I Can See Clearly Now

Originally Published in MotorHome Magazine

Driving any motorhome – large or small – takes some skill and acclimation. No matter the size of the motor­home, side mirrors are the most important factor when calculating a lane change or backing into a campsite.

The ability to execute a safer and clearer move no matter what the driving circumstance was of great concern to the owner of a motorhome whose original side mirrors were too small for the coach and lacked any blind spot coverage. Clearly, it was time for a change.

With a conservative budget in mind and the need for the highest possible performance, the owner opted to replace the existing Velvac mirrors with an upgraded set that included a large, 62-square-inch flat glass as well as a 30-square-inch,  adjustable convex mirror that’s suitable for any size driver. Velvac’s Model 2025 low-mount mirrors satisfied these requirements.

Since the new set had a similar configuration as the existing mirrors, the same basic location could be used for mounting the base to the side of the motorhome. This saved time and money, and the results were outstanding.

Installation of the Velvac 2025 mirrors required the removal of the existing side mirrors. Years of beach living had taken a toll on the mounting screws. One of the badly rusted screws actually broke off and required the use of vice-grip pliers and penetrating oil to remove the stubborn beachcomber.

Once the four old screws and the old mirror were removed, the supplied rubber gasket was used as a template for drilling the new mounting holes. Silicone rubber sealant was applied in the mounting holes to ensure protection from the elements.

To position mirrors it’s necessary to enlist the help of an assistant to hold the new housings in place so that the four mounting screws can be tightened. Once that’s accomplished, the cosmetic caps are pressed into place, covering the screw heads. The process is repeated on the opposite side of the coach.

The new, upgraded, glossy-black mirrors look great and truly update the exterior of the coach. But form must meet function in order for the mirrors to best serve the driver. To properly adjust, the primary driver sat in the captain’s chair and set the angle of the mirror for best possible viewing of the side and back of the motorhome. An Allen wrench was used to tighten the head once adjusted. Next, the angle of the convex mirror was adjusted to best expose any hidden blind spots. The entire installation took 11⁄2 hours. The retail price of the mirrors is $595.

This simple upgrade to the Velvac 2025 low-mount mirrors brought a big  smile to the owner’s face as her expectations were exceeded in helping her to see clearly again – and have renewed confidence that her motorhome is safe to navigate on the highways and in RV parks.

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