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Short Queen Beds

Originally Published in MotorHome Magazine

With otherwise excellent RV equipment, there are still frequent complaints by tall people about short queen beds (60 by 75 inches). As a 6-foot 1-inch person who likes to sleep flat on his back, I found the 75-inch bed caused foot cramps and toe pressure problems. My wife and I teamed up for an easy solution.

Realizing that the way I lie on a normal pillow wasted about 6 inches between my head and the wall, we made a narrower pillow. We opened a fiber-filled pillow (shredded foam, feathers or other filled pillow will also work) enough to remove about one-third of the filling and then sewed it back to about two-thirds of its original width, while keeping its original length and thickness.

Now the top of my head is about an inch from the wall and I sleep as comfortably as in our regular queen-size bed at home.

Paul Binder | Sarasota, Fla.

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