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SEMA Showcase 2012

Originally Published in MotorHome Magazine

If there is one automotive event we never miss, it’s the annual SEMA Show, (Specialty Equipment Market Association), in Las Vegas.

Whether you’re a real car nut, or just interested in the latest discoveries and inventions that make RVing and travel over our nation’s highways and byways more fun, the roughly 1,000,000 square feet of the Las Vegas Convention Center always contains surprises. As the premier automotive accessories trade show in the world, the SEMA Show is where new trends and hot products are unveiled for the first time. Thousands of exhibitors from all over the globe come to show their newest ideas.

As we wandered the miles of tires, bumpers, lights, wheels, hitches, and every automotive tool and gadget you can image, we were keeping an eye out for everyday functional items that could make our life on the road safer and less work.

A new washable oil filter from K&N Filters filters better, and comes with a million-mile warranty.

Going green and saving us money, K&N Filters introduced a new washable oil filter with superior filtration compared to standard disposable filters. It features their One Million Mile Limited Warranty. Used oil filters are a major source of pollution.

Covercraft TireSavers make protecting your tires from the sun’s damaging UV rays and other environmental hazards a snap. They install in seconds thanks to their exclusive spring-steel ring design, eliminating the hassle of crawling around on the ground to secure straps or bungee cords. We also liked Covercraft’s Sofa-Savers that will fit couches in many motorhomes.

Golights have been around for years, and they keep getting better. Their new Golite Stryker features a hand-held wireless control that operates its 370-degree rotation and 135 degree tilt. The five-sided parabolic Cr5 Pentabeam can reach distances of up to half a mile away. The Golite Stryker can be fix-mounted or with a magnetic base. We want one!

Du-Ha Tote was one of the smartest, practical designs at SEMA.

Du-Ha Tote was one of the smartest, practical designs at SEMA.

On the got-to-have side, we loved the new DU-HA TOTE box. Great engineering! It locks in place in a basement compartment or the back of an SUV or truck bed. It rolls like a wheelbarrow. Its adjustable compartments are weather tight, and it can be transferred to a different vehicle in seconds.

The Flag Pole Buddy solves a simple problem of where or how to fly your American flag. Most RVs have a ladder, and the Flag Pole Buddy easily clamps to the ladder’s side rail. No more need to climb up. Equally ingenious, the BreezeGuards Mutt Manager is a custom-made metal screen that fits your vehicle’s window opening. They install from the inside of the vehicle, which allows for free movement of the window glass. Be kind to your dog when you need to run into the mall.

The Bone Creeper with its oversized wheels will comfortably roll under and over just about anything.

Always looking for a way to get to the bottom of things — like the underside of our motorhome — The Bone Creeper is the best answer we’ve seen. Its oversized wheels will roll over cords and cracks smoothly, and the headrest is nice if you just want to take a nap under your transmission.

Back in the cab, all those little things like cell phones, ballpoint pens, loose change – stuff that’s always sliding across the dash stays in place with the Cobra Universal Anti-Slip Double Stick Pad. The pad can be relocated as needed. No mess, glue or tools required. You can view a demo video at http://cobrahandsfree.com/sp.html.

Finally, we’ve all seen those signs on the highway, “Next Rest Stop 63 Miles,” just about the time your 3-year-old says, “Mommy, I need to go potty! Maybe you’re on a boat, or on a little side trip in your tag-a-long, or just stuck in a traffic jam when nature urgently calls. The cute and very functional Portable Magic Toilet folds flat and stores in a neat, zippered case under the seat. When needed, just pop it open, put in a disposable plastic bag, and heed your need. The Portable Magic Toilet will support over 300 pounds, comes with a roll of leak-proof bags and packages of absorbent odor eliminators. There is even a child’s size. Toilet paper not included.

As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words, so here you have the 2011 SEMA Show. Let your eyes do some more shopping below. You’re bound to find something that you’ve always needed.



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