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Seeing Overhanging Eaves

Originally Published in Trailer Life Magazine

If you store your RV alongside your house, you know that the overhanging eaves can be difficult to see using the side mirrors; they are too high for the normal line of sight. With a piece of rope and a 6-inch wood disc attached at the farthest outward point, adjusted to mirror height, I can now see where the overhang ends without messing with the mirror adjustment. Use a ¼-inch nylon rope and paint the wood disc white for best visibility. Drill a hole in the end cap of the gutter and tie one end of the rope. Next, drill a hole in the center of the disc so the other end of the rope can be threaded through. Use knots in the rope to adjust disc height so that it’s level with the mirrors. When the mirror makes contact with the disc you should also have 3 inches of clearance between the end of the overhang and the mirror.
—Randy Brien, Bothell, Wash.

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