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Scottevest Jacket Is Lightweight, Multifunctional

Originally Published in MotorHome Magazine

When you travel in a motorhome, weight really counts. Everything you pack into the coach needs to be as light as possible, and even better, do double-duty. That applies to clothing as well. You definitely don’t want to over-pack. The Essential Jacket by Scottevest is both lightweight and multifunctional. Made of Teflon-treated, wrinkle-resistant fabric, the jacket has removable sleeves – so it can be worn as a vest – and 20 pockets. These pockets and compartments are designed to hold such items as travel gear, portable electronics, maps, a camera, cell phone and eyeglasses, so you can carry everything you need while out hiking or sightseeing.

The jackets are available in men’s and women’s sizes and retail for $119.50. Magellan’s, 800-962-4943, www.magellans.com. 

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