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Saving on Energy

Originally Published in Trailer Life Magazine

According to AutoVantage, you can help yourself save money by changing your driving habits. Here are some examples: 1.) Use cruise control whenever possible. Drivers all too often waste gas on quick accelerations. Each time your foot presses the accelerator, your vehicle expends more energy. And every time you brake for the vehicle ahead of you, this energy is lost. Consistent speed means consistent fuel performance. 2.) Drive sensibly, not aggressively. By accelerating and braking abruptly, you’re wasting fuel. By driving a little more sensibly, avoiding jackrabbit starts and stops, you can save yourself money by increasing gas mileage by up to 33 percent at highway speeds, and by 5 percent around town. 3.) The less weight your vehicle has to carry, the less work your engine has to perform. A fuel-savvy driver will never be caught with a loaded roof rack and an empty trunk. A roof rack, at highway speeds, creates more wind resistance. As a result, your vehicle thirsts for more fuel. For more information, go to autovantage.com.

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