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Satellite Receiver Fitment

Originally Published in Trailer Life Magazine

Q: We are looking at downsizing from our fifth-wheel to a travel trailer. One concern we have with all manufacturers is where, inside, do they expect us to put the satellite receiver? Because of the size of the receiver we haven’t seen one trailer that has room for the receiver. Most have satellite prep installed, or optionally available, so they have thought about that part.
William Hancy, Athens, Texas

A: This is a new one for us, William. It’s likely that you’ll need to look around more at some different manufacturers’ trailers to find one with the shelf or cabinet space you need. In our experience, when the manufacturer includes a satellite-receiver wiring prep as a standard or option, there’s usually a place for the receiver near the designated TV spot. If you’re looking at a smaller-sized trailer, in which space is at a premium, then the manufacturer may be expecting you to just position the receiver wherever you can find room for it. A countertop adjacent to the TV might be an option, for example, even though stringing the connecting cables between the components may not be a very elegant solution. This type of problem calls for some flexibility and creativity, but then, most RVers are known for such traits.
— Jeff Johnston

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