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Safe Driving

Originally Published in Trailer Life Magazine

Safe Driving
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According to State Farm Insurance, drivers can help themselves and others to arrive at destinations safely by adhering to a few important suggestions:

1. Use those seatbelts – and this means everyone in the vehicle – including those passengers seated at the dinette or on the sofa bed in the motorhome.

2. Take an extra hour to wake up and feel refreshed before hitting the road in the morning.

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3. Of course, you shouldn’t be on your cell phone, reading maps or watching television, but add to that no eating, drinking or turning sideways to talk to your copilot.

4. Even listening to the radio can be a distraction, as you attempt to change stations or get excited over a controversial subject.

5. Watch your posture as you sit behind the wheel! It sounds simple and silly, but sitting up straight helps to keep you alert.

6. Also, stop once in a while to stretch and breathe in some fresh air.

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