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RV Toll Pass: Bypass the Gates and the Worry

Originally Published in MotorHome Magazine


While traveling across the country in a motorhome, you’ve undoubtedly encountered toll roads. Their convenience is undeniable, though the hassle of payment often leads many to mapping out longer routes to avoid the fees. TransCore introduces the RV Toll Pass with Nationwide Coverage. By equipping the motorhome with RV Toll Pass, drivers can bypass narrow cash lanes conveniently and safely without the worry of receiving unexpected toll charges or violations in the mail. The RV Toll Pass has a five-year battery life with typical use, and allows owners to pay the electronic rate, which is generally lower than the cash rate (not to mention the fees associated with pay-by-mail). Once RV Toll Pass is activated, a $14.99 monthly fee applies only in months that you incur toll charges.


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