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RV Tech Savvy: Improving the Ride on a Motorhome

Originally Published in MotorHome Magazine

You asked MotorHome:
We have a 2004 Winnebago Sightseer 30B on a Ford F-53 chassis (18,000-pound gross vehicle weight rating) with 50,000 miles, and the ride and handling needs improvement. There are air bags on the rear and SumoSprings on the front, and there’s little improvement. I have read articles and advertisements claiming significant improvements for the F-53 and, of course, with a cost sometimes significant. What, if any, of the aftermarket products give the best bang for the buck for either ride or handling?
Bruce Bila | Placerville, California

Our Expert’s Reply:
There are a number of products out there, but for the best bang for your buck, here are some of my picks. First and foremost: tire pressure settings. Weigh your motorhome on a truck scale when the coach is fully loaded with passengers, fuel and cargo for travel. Using the axle weights divided by the number of tires per axle, refer to the tire manufacturer’s load/inflation tables. Set tire pressures accordingly. After that, consider installing premium shock absorbers, such as those from Bilstein or Koni. Next, consider MORryde RS rubber spring shackles, which can help take some of the road impacts out of the ride, without heavily modifying the suspension. An upgraded sway bar, like those from Blue Ox, Hellwig or Roadmaster, may help also. If the motorhome is in great shape, you might consider a LiquidSpring system, which we have installed and tested. This is more on the expensive side, but if you’re keeping the rig for a while, the added cost may be justified.

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