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RV Review: Heartland Cyclone 4007 Toy Hauler

Originally Published in Trailer Life Magazine

Heartland’s Cyclone 4007 fifth-wheel toy hauler offers convenience, style and luxury for adventurous families

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Years ago, a group of us would head to Hungry Valley in Southern California with dirt bikes piled in the back of pickups, and mounds of riding gear, camp stoves, ice chests, sleeping bags, tents and food stuffed into every crevice inside the vehicles. Loaves of bread were stuck inside helmets in the hopes that they wouldn’t get smooshed on the journey. When we reached our campsite and opened the truck doors, bags of potato chips — which were now dust — and cans of soda and clothing would tumble out. This was longer ago than I care to admit, but now we have better options. The steady evolution of toy haulers greatly simplifies taking motorized toys on vacations. Loading and unloading is easy, there are handy places to stow gear and food, and at the end of an invigorating (and sometimes exhausting) day of riding, there’s a comfortable place to lay your head.

Heartland’s 43-foot Cyclone 4007 fifth-wheel toy hauler lets you go in style with residential amenities to keep a family of seven or more in the lap of luxury while securing motorized toys in a 13-foot-long garage wide enough to park a side-by-side. And if the only toys you want to bring — along with your kids — are teddy bears, Hatchimals, toy trucks and tractors, and game consoles, the garage works as a spacious bunkhouse. During our time with the three-slide Cyclone, we encountered a couple of thunderstorms that were too nasty to go out in, but all was calm and cozy inside.

Photo of Heartland Cyclone toy hauler garage area converted to living area with sliding glass doors and ramp converted to patio

Split-bench seats raise electrically to join the queen bed above (not shown), making a wide-open garage with available sliding-glass doors. An optional MORryde Rail Kit with awning converts the 8-foot ramp into a patio. PHOTOS: SHAWN SPENCE

The triple-axle “four-double-O-seven” rolls along on G-rated tires, and has a Nev-R-Adjust Brake System built onto the chassis with a 20,000-pound gross vehicle weight rating. When you reach your destination, six Lippert auto-leveling jacks and an electric power reel for the 50-amp cord make setup more convenient. The Cyclone is also designed for cold weather with its three-season walls, heated and enclosed underbelly, and laminated and sealed slideout floors.

Toy Box

One could make a case that the heart of a toy hauler is the garage, and, as in most models, this one doubles as a second living space with an entry door (in addition to the ramp), four-seater split-bench sofa, freestanding table, built-in cabinets, an entertainment system with a 40-inch HDTV and a Boss Audio Systems Bluetooth/DVD/MP3/CD/AM/FM receiver, plus a half bath. The bathroom’s unique folding wall, with spring-loaded hinges at the ceiling, can be moved to accommodate a larger “toy.” We drove a 2018 Polaris Turbo S RZR through the 7-foot, 10-inch-wide garage-door opening, and carefully steered clear of the toilet.

Heartland Cyclone toy hauler floorplan

A) queen power bed B) split-bench seat/bed C) loft bed D) half bath E) reclining sofa F) king bed G) dresser/fireplace H) bar-height table/bench seat

An optional MORryde Rail Kit that includes an electric ramp-door awning converts the 8-foot ramp into a patio, and the ramp opening has locking sliding- glass doors (another option), though they won’t stop a thief.

Six steel D-ring tie-downs are set into the marine-grade plywood floor, with black “diamond plate” TPO covering, and attached to the 12-inch steel I-beam. A steel storage box is incorporated into the floor by the ramp.

What We Liked

Comfy four-seat sofa, modern decor, numerous windows, spacious master bedroom with a huge picture window.

What We’d Like To See

More counter space and a towel rack in the bathroom, shorter shower curtain, light switches by the entry door.

When it’s bedtime, the garage’s bench seats convert into a queen-size bed, and a second queen bed with a 4-inch-thick foam mattress lowers electrically from the ceiling. A 3-foot-wide loft bed spans the 8-foot width of the Cyclone’s garage, with a railing to stop kids from rolling out. The glass door separating the living area from the garage allows parents to peek in occasionally to see what mischief the kids may be up to.

Relaxation and Cooking in Style

Stepping into the main living area, we had a change of heart about where the heart of the Cyclone resides. An overstuffed residential four-seat reclining sofa, Ashland dark hardwood cabinets, white marble-look solid-surface kitchen counters, high-end appliances, a bar-height table, luxurious trimmings, a Connexx soundbar stereo with Bluetooth connectivity, and LED light strips give the 4007 a rich feel that invites occupants to kick back, put up their feet and unwind. There are no light switches by the entry door, so when going out in the evening, we left the cool vertical LED light strips that frame the slideout on to find our way around when returning. Outside, an LED porch light illuminates the MORryde foldout quad entry steps.

The galley slide houses the sofa and refrigerator. When the slide is retracted, access to the kitchen is blocked, unless you want to try some yoga moves to climb over the counter or the sofa. In that case, you can maneuver around in the U-shaped kitchen to get to everything, but access to the steps leading up to the master bathroom and bedroom is blocked.

Lounging on the sofa, which is upholstered in water-repellant gray fabric, placed us at the center of the action. From here we could enjoy the goings-on outside through the kitchen’s three windows, have front-row seating for the 55-inch HDTV (tied to a King Jack antenna and cable-TV hookup) and get a straight-on view of the entry door so we could greet friends without having to get up. A large window, which slides open on the lower half, is at your back when seated on the sofa and was wonderful for warming us up with the sunlight pouring in. Pull down the MCD Day-Night Roller Shades, and the light-filled living area darkens considerably — and with the shade covering the entry-door window and another on the ceiling vent, it’s almost as dark as night inside. The Cyclone has a variety pack of shades: mini-blinds in the garage, MCD shades in the living area and pleated ones in the bedroom.

Photo of Heartland Cyclone toy hauler u-shaped kitchen

Outfitted with residential-style appliances, the U-shaped kitchen has bright LEDs for tasks like chopping, plus softer mood lighting.

The sofa’s two center seat backs flip down to reveal a tabletop with cupholders and USB charging stations, plus the end seats have a lighted cupholder and swingout tables that contain yet another cupholder. Once seated on the comfy sofa, it was hard to leave. One afternoon, Tech Editor Chris Dougherty and I were reclined on the plush sofa, feet kicked up and surrounded by paperwork for the Cyclone, when photographer Shawn Spence stepped inside and laughed at us for “looking quite comfy for being hard at work.” Half an hour later, we were laughing at him; having carted in a ladder and a camera bag and getting lights set up, he was kicking back with us on the sofa watching Star Trek reruns. Work could wait.

Lighting throughout the four-double-O-seven is excellent, and the mood can be set with dimmers. The efficient kitchen has under-counter LEDs, and more lighting frames the top of the many cabinets. The counter housing the 25-by-14-inch stainless- steel farmhouse-style sink and hidden waste bin is set a couple of inches higher than the other surfaces, which placed the sink at a perfect height to hand-wash dishes (I’m 5 feet, 9 inches). Making that chore even easier was the pull-down faucet with a sprayer on a spring mechanism. The waste bin can be accessed from the cabinet near the entry door so you can get to it without stepping inside the RV.

Opposite the sink is a Furrion 9,000-Btu stainless-steel oven and a three-burner Furrion range topped with black cast-iron grates, with an oblong flex burner for a griddle option located in the center. While there’s room for two people in the U-shaped kitchen, floor space between the sink and range is 3 feet, so if someone leans over to check inside the oven just as the person opposite reaches down to get something from the cabinet under the sink, for instance, well…bottoms are going to meet.

Photo of Heartland Cyclone toy hauler outdoor kitchen

An outdoor kitchen under lock and key houses a 32-inch HDTV.

White subway tile makes cleanup on the wall between the range and 1.5-cubic-foot High Pointe convection microwave a snap. Complementing each other, the white tile and countertops brighten the kitchen and contrast beautifully with the dark cabinetry. The solid-surface countertops are built in-house at Heartland using LG Hi-Macs material. There was lots of room to prepare multiple dishes on the 5-foot long, 2-foot-deep main counter, and we enjoyed a nice view out of the side-by-side windows, all of which open.

Storage is plentiful, with deep drawers, a 13-inch-wide three-shelf pantry and overhead cabinets. As usual in RVs with high ceilings — this one is more than 8 feet — access to the top shelves in the cabinets can be out of reach for some folks, even though these cabinets are mounted 8½ inches from the ceiling. Items in baskets can also be tucked out of the way on top of the cabinets but should be removed before travel.

Photo of Heartland Cyclone toy hauler master bathroom

The master bathroom has a 9-inch-deep tub, solid-surface counter and porcelain toilet.

The 18-cubic-foot Frigidaire stainless-steel four-door residential refrigerator (a no-charge option is an 18-cubic-foot LP-gas/electric unit) is placed across from the galley, providing lots of room to swing the doors wide without getting in the way of another person working in the kitchen.

Keeping the Tavern Plank vinyl floor clean is simplified with the InterVac central vacuum with a connection located in the kitchen. A smart move was placing a floor-mounted heat register to the right of the sink in the living area rather than in the central “U” part of the kitchen where we did most of our chopping and prepping, so bite-size morsels stayed out of the register. The panel for the 4007’s command center is conveniently located near the kitchen at the base of the steps heading up to the bathroom and bedroom.

The dinette table is bar height and can seat two or three, or maybe even four little ones, side by side, on its bench seat. This was a great place to set up shop with my laptop on the large table, with GFCI outlets and USB charging ports behind me, and a lovely view of the grass-covered campsite outside the entry door and windows. If you want more seating at the table, you could bring along barstools (not included), though they’d be blocking part of the entry; backless barstools could slide under the table when not in use.

Photo of Heartland Cyclone toy hauler master bedroom with fireplace, spacious cabinets and huge picture window

The 4007’s bedroom is resort-worthy with a huge picture window, electric fireplace centered around abundant drawers and solid-surface countertops, mirrored closet doors and lots of floor space.

Bed and Bath

At the top of the stairs, the bedroom feels like a retreat featuring calming tones, a king-size bed, a large window set over a six-drawer dresser with an electric fireplace center, expansive tiered solid-surface countertops, mirrored closet doors and generous floor space. The fireplace has various heat settings that can be controlled with a remote and timer, and additional drawers bookend the main dresser. After leaving the comfort of the living-room sofa, the bed was on trial to see how it would compare, and the 7½-inch-thick Evergreen mattress did not disappoint. There’s storage under the bed, accessed by a platform fitted with gas struts.

The expansive 6-foot-long, 2½-foot-wide window that slides open is the largest one we’ve seen in a fifth-wheel toy hauler’s bedroom, and it offers an unobstructed view. A 32-inch flat-screen HDTV is housed in the closet, out of sight (where washer and dryer hookups reside), and glides out on a sliding bracket. If you like a dark bedroom, you may want to swap out the pleated shades with blackout counterparts like those in the living area.

As if the bedroom is not roomy enough, floor space between the foot of the bed and fireplace can be doubled with what the company calls a telescoping slide. The slide-within-a-slide propels the bed out to make 5 feet of walk space. Behind three mirrored closet double doors is plenty of storage space and shelving, and push-button LEDs light up the inside. The closet’s clothing rod was set at 44 inches, so part of my one dress hung down on the floor.

The bathroom has two entries, and it seems as if a bit of space may have been sacrificed in favor of a larger bedroom. It’s roomy enough, but it’s small in comparison to the enormous bedroom, and counter space is limited. Entering the bathroom from the bedroom through the pocket door, there’s about 14 inches of floor space between the porcelain toilet and 24-by-44-inch shower. Set at 9 inches deep, the shower/tub is great for bathing kids, and the drain stopper actually worked! The shower curtain’s color scheme nicely matches the decor, but it’s too long. About 4 inches of dry-clean-only material hung on the floor in the shower.

The brushed-nickel-plated shower sprayer with height adjustment (albeit topping out at 3 inches shy of 6 feet) and shutoff switch provided a good shower, and with the skylight, there is 6 feet, 6 inches of headroom. Lighting in the bathroom is good, with an LED positioned in the ceiling next to the skylight and over the mirrored medicine cabinet, and the power bath vent worked well to pull steam out. There was no towel rack, so owners will have to add an over-the-door towel holder to their shopping list.

Party on the Patio

The Cyclone’s exterior is set up to move the party outside, with two separate patio areas. The rear ramp entry door with optional rail kit and awning makes for a great elevated deck off the garage/converted living space. Then, on the Cyclone’s entry side, there’s an outdoor kitchen and 32-inch HDTV, two electric awnings (19 and 11 feet), outdoor marine-grade speakers and a quick-connect for an LP-gas grill. And if the TV residing in the outdoor kitchen isn’t big enough for you, an optional 40-incher can be attached via a bracket inside the lockable pass-through storage compartment.

Speaking of which, this compartment, located under the bedroom, is enormous and measures 4 feet wide at its narrowest point. There are two outside water-sprayer ports, one conveniently located on the entry side, so you can hook up a hose to rinse off a dirt bike — or yourself — after a day of play. A 5.5-kilowatt generator with fuel station and timer is standard, and the ramp door is rated for 3,000 pounds. Also standard is a plug-in portable solar-kit connection on the side, which connects to a 100-watt solar control module. There’s a 20-watt solar panel on the roof, good for not much more than maintaining a trickle charge for the batteries, which can be expanded if the owner wishes.

Our earlier dirt-bike-riding adven­tures with tents and pickups were tremendously fun, but if you like spending time with family in comfort and luxury, with or without the toys, the Cyclone 4007 may be just the ticket.

RVers unload a Polaris RZR from the garage of the Cyclone 4007 toy hauler.

Side-by-side fun: The Cyclone 4007 toy hauler accommodated this Polaris RZR. With the garage free of motorized toys, it turns into a living area and can sleep five or more.


Exterior Length: 43′
Garage Length: 13′
Exterior Width: 8′ 5″
Exterior Height: 13′ 2″ (with A/C)
Interior Width: 8′ ½”
Interior Height: 8′ 4¾” Living,
6′ 4″ Bedroom
Construction: 12-inch I-beam powder-coated steel frame, aluminum framing, high-density block-foam R-11 side-wall insulation, fiberglass skin, EPDM roof, R-45 laminated and sealed floor, heated and enclosed underbelly
Freshwater Cap.: 100 gal.
Gray-Water Cap.: 98 gal.
Black-Water Cap.: 80 gal.
LP-Gas Cap.: 14 gal.
Water-Heater Cap.: 12 gal.
Refrigerator: 18 cu. ft.
Furnace: 35,000 Btu
Air Conditioners: (3) 15,000 Btu
Converter: 80 amp
Inverter: 1,000-watt (with residential refrigerator)
Battery: Dealer supplied
Tires: ST235/80R16 G
Weight: (freshwater and
LP-gas full, no cargo) 17,140 lbs.
Hitch Weight: 5,500 lbs.
Axle Weight: 11,640 lbs.
GVWR: 20,000 lbs.
GAWR: (3) 7,000 lbs.
Cargo Carrying Cap.: 2,860 lbs.
MSRP, Base: $107,576
MSRP, As Tested: $116,986
Basic Warranty: One-year bumper to bumper, three-year structural

Managing Editor Donya Carlson grew up camping with her family in Southern California and loves spending time hiking, mountain biking, motorcycling, snowboarding and just about anything else outdoors. Before joining the Trailer Life and MotorHome team, she served as managing editor of Rider, a magazine for motorcycle enthusiasts.

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