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RV Entry Steps

Originally Published in Trailer Life Magazine

In order to eliminate slipping on our entry steps, and also to trap dust and mud, I designed simple removable step pads that are held in place with magnets. I purchased inexpensive carpet ends (or remnants) at a local carpet store. The cost is minimal and it is not difficult to find a color to match the rig’s exterior. Then I purchased eight round magnets, ¼-inch thick and 1 ½ inches in diameter, for each step. After cutting the carpet to the exact measurement of the top surface of each step, I glued eight magnets to the underside of each newly cut step pad. It’s important to use waterproof adhesive. I used Goop.

To prevent the carpeting from unraveling, I lightly applied a flame from a propane torch to the edges. Once the adhesive hardens, the pads can be positioned on the steps. These pads provide a soft, cushioned, nonslip surface that will trap dirt and dust. When we hit the road, the pads are removed and stored just inside the door. When the pads become too soiled for long use, I take off the magnets and glue them to newly cut pads. The whole job costs around $12.

—Dexter Blindbury, Chico, Calif.

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