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RV Drying Rack is Great for Drying Laundry Outdoors

Originally Published in MotorHome Magazine


In the confines of your motorhome, space is truly at a premium. So, when it comes time to dry your towels, swimsuits and other damp garments, a product like the RV Drying Rack comes in handy. The RV Drying Rack is made by Amish craftsmen using real maple wood and temporarily mounts on the motorhome’s ladder for easy setup and use, which represents a true step up from the usual method that generally results in a soggy mess in the motorhome’s shower. A total of eight arms (each 25½ inches in length) are available to hang wet items, allowing them to drip dry outside. And, at a folded size of 6 by 6 by 32 inches, the compact unit is easy to store and manage. Available online only, with free shipping. MSRP: $68.95
Wooden Clothes Rack | https://rvdryingrack.com


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