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RV Clinic: Water Pump Cycling

Originally Published in Trailer Life Magazine

When dry camping, my 12-volt DC water pump cycles about every 10 minutes. I’ve checked every inch of the water lines twice and cannot find a leak. I assume there is some sort of pressure regulator. Could that be the problem, and where is it located?

Steve Rammler, Sandpoint, Idaho

A one-way valve is part of the pump’s internal mechanism, Steve. You didn’t say how old your RV is, but if the valve components are damaged because of age or are simply worn out, or the housing screws are loose, the valve will allow the downstream pressure that’s built up to slowly bleed off upstream of the pump. That could readily account for the 10-minute pump cycling process you’ve observed. Note the brand and model of your water pump and check with your local RV parts store for a pump repair kit. Most are pretty easy to install and doing so, provided the rest of the system is leak-free, will probably cure your cycling problem.

– Jeff Jonston

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