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RV Battery Converter Solution

Originally Published in Trailer Life Magazine

This letter concerns “Converter Conundrum” in your February column. My Magnetek 6300A Model 6345 with battery charger was boiling the batteries dry. I was about to throw it out when I discovered the PD4645 45-amp converter upgrade for $203 from www.bestconverter.com. This is about half the cost of a new converter.

This upgrade is a direct substitute for the original converter component and makes it into a modern three-stage smart charger. Installation instructions are thorough and allow the retention of the old case, plus it avoids complete removal and replacement of the old converter. It was fairly simple to install. There are numerous other sources for this upgrade but these guys seem to have the best price and reputation.

– Gus Causbie | Ash Flat, Ark.

 Thanks for writing, Gus. I’m sure some readers will find this tip helpful. The three-stage charger should properly maintain your batteries.

— Ken Freund

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