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Rodent Shield

Originally Published in MotorHome Magazine

When your motorhome is in storage, one of the most important precautions to take is to keep mice and other pests out of the interior. Mouse Free’s unique formula is said to stop mice and other pests from entering through the small holes and cavities on the underside of motorhome. Mouse Free is a lubricating non-drip coating scented with natural essential oils that is applied to the entire undercarriage of the motorhome. The oily coating is environmentally friendly and results in a barrier that is too slippery for critters to travel across, according to the company. Plus, Mouse Free works to lubricate all moving parts, prevents plastic and rubber from drying and cracking, and protects the metal from the elements, according to the company. Mouse Free is either applied professionally by a dealer (including Camping World), or a do-it-yourself version is available for $129.99 at Camping World, which includes a gallon of the coating and an application gun.

Mouse Free | 877-902-2730 | www.mouse-free.com


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