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RoadStar 3000: Small Antenna, Strong Signal

Originally Published in MotorHome Magazine

Aerodynamic and compact, the newly redesigned RoadStar 3000 is the latest over-the-air omnidirectional TV antenna from Winegard Co. The antenna is designed to continuously find and pull in available VHF, UHF and FM broadcast signals within a 35-mile radius of a parked motorhome and delivers free local standard and HDTV programming from ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox and PBS.

As its most powerful RoadStar to date, Winegard claims the 3000 series eliminates the need to manually aim and lock onto digital signals. A new pedestal mount allows for simple installation and no special tools are required. Also included are a 12-volt DC power supply and receptacle, and a two-way splitter for a second TV and optional cable input.

Antennas are available in white (RS-3000) and black (RS-3035) and can be purchased from a Winegard distributor or dealer. MSRP is $89.99.

Winegard Co., 800-288-8094, www.winegard.com.

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