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Register Your New Tires!

Originally Published in MotorHome Magazine

Within the pages of MotorHome magazine, we often offer expert advice on tire maintenance, when it’s time to replace worn- or aged-out tires and so on, but an often-overlooked step of the tire-buying process is to register the new tires. Whether the seller does so electronically or offers buyers the proper paperwork to do so, registering your new tires is the only way a tire manufacturer can contact you in the case of a recall. Plus, it’s required by law that sellers of new tires make the registration process available to all consumers of new tires. Once you have made your new-tire purchase, it is up to you to make certain the tires have been entered into the proper database. Be sure to complete all paperwork (if the seller didn’t do so electronically) in a timely fashion. That way, you’ll be sure to receive the latest alerts from the tire manufacturer should your particular tires be recalled for any reason.

One of the more prominent companies that handle this task is Computerized Information Management Systems (CIMS), www.cimstireregistration.com.

There is plenty of additional information on the subject on the CIMS website, and also at the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s www.safercar.gov/tires, including FAQs, buying tips and maintenance suggestions.

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