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Red Sasquatch: Brute Super Foot retractable Trailer A-frame Jack Extension Improves Stability and Eliminates Wood Stacking

Originally Published in Trailer Life Magazine


Reading the headline, your first impression is most likely about a big hairy forest creature with giant feet. Well, at least the big feet are relative. Actually, in this case, it’s only one foot that’s part of a very beastly device that attaches to the trailer A-frame jack. Although the Brute Super Foot will not be found tromping through the woods, it does tame the “wild” when trying to stabilize the front end of a trailer when leveling on uneven ground.
As an RVer, an all-too-familiar sight is one of someone stacking wood under an A-frame jack, especially if the tow vehicle’s hitch stands tall. Of course, there are a number of aftermarket jack feet available, but many still require quite a bit of wood, which can be dangerous if stacked too high or unevenly. And, of course, you have to store all that wood when in transit. The Husky Towing Products’ Brute Super Foot is a hefty alternative to stacking, storing and fidgeting with wheels that are difficult to use.
The Brute Super Foot is a fast-acting retractable A-frame jack extension made of incredibly strong, thick steel with a bright-red powder-coat finish; it’s designed to reside on the end of the jack tube permanently. Not only will the Brute Super Foot eliminate much of the wood stacking, it will also limit jack cranking effort and time. The Brute Super Foot comes with all necessary assembly and mounting hardware, has a 6,500-pound maximum capacity and should not require any drilling — providing for a quick and easy install.

Tension pin is rotated to lock/unlock the Super Foot into position.

Tension pin is rotated to lock/unlock the Super Foot into position.

The assembly of the Brute Super Foot is no more involved than putting the head together with the base plate by placing the extension leg in between and securing them with two bolts. To install the Brute Super Foot simply take the remaining bolt and set it in place on the original jack tube with the folding portion facing the rear of the trailer. It comes with a reducing bushing for use on smaller tubes and is compatible for all manual or electric A-frame jacks with specific clearance instructions. It weighs 12 pounds. If a restriction (spare tire, for example) prevents the Super Foot from folding, it can be installed on the jack tube using a 3/8-inch lynch pin. This will make it easy to remove for travel. The base plate was attached using the provided bolt, although a second lynch pin could be used (available at RV supply stores). Drilling will be required if there are no holes in the jack tube or if the Super Foot extension leg is shortened.
Performance of the Brute Super Foot is excellent and supplies imme-diate positive results, just as claimed. Since the folding jack foot extends the reach by 7 inches, I was able to eliminate more than 75 percent of the wood needed to hitch-up or level the trailer. I certainly didn’t miss the monotony of turning of the jack handle to retract and extend the tube long distances and the new, larger foot does not need to be removed to allow for clearance while traveling. The Brute Super Foot is an excellent addition for anyone looking for overall improved stability and function. This device is stout — I like it!
The Brute Super Foot sells for $37.46 at Camping World and can be found on the Internet for various prices below the $44.99 retail price.

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