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Q & A: Misting a Radiator

Originally Published in MotorHome Magazine

Q. My motorhome’s engine runs hot during long steep hill-climbs in extreme
heat when I tow my dinghy vehicle. Otherwise, it is fine. Do you have any suggestions?


A. Make sure that your engine has the right amount of fresh
antifreeze/coolant in it. After that, with a marginal overheating problem such as this,
rather than spend a lot of money on larger fans, radiators, etc., it may be more economical
to add a small Radiator Mister, which retails for $80. The Radiator Mister sprays water on
the radiator core and transmission cooler, and is said to reduce temperatures by 20 degrees
F in less than a minute. The kit comes with an extra jet, which can be positioned wherever
you want it, including on turbocharger intercoolers. A tank of water lasts about 20 minutes
in continuous use. Vehicle Enhancement Labs, (888) 483-5227; www.ve-labs.com 

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