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Q & A: Hot-Weather Driving

Originally Published in MotorHome Magazine

Q. We are taking a trip to the Southwestern deserts. What should I do
before driving in hot weather?


A. Check all fluid levels in the engine,
cooling system, and generator and add as necessary. Use oil viscosities recommended for hot
weather. Examine the radiator for bugs and debris that may be blocking the fins and clean
with a soft brush. Check hoses and belts and look for leaks. If your coach has
maintenance-type batteries with caps, check the electrolyte often and add distilled water
when needed. Tire pressures should be checked each morning when the tires are cold. When
parked, cover the tires to protect the rubber from exposure to sun. Test all air
conditioners. Clean the outside refrigerator vent and inspect the burner and orifice. Watch
the instruments and pull over if overheating occurs. Avoid peak rush hour traffic and check
traffic information services for road problems.

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