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Protect Yourself While Driving

Originally Published in Trailer Life Magazine


If an errant driver runs a red light and crashes into you, how do you prove who had the green light? Recently, Genius released its DVR-FHD590 Full HD Vehicle Recorder. This dash camera records full high-definition (1920×1080) video that helps drivers protect themselves with reliable evidence in the case of an unforeseen accident. It features a wide-angle lens, high-power LED for night capture and HDR technology.

Just start your engine and the DVR-FHD590 begins recording automatically. In the case of an accident, the G-sensor in the DVR-FHD590 triggers the device automatically to keep a record of the event, which cannot be overwritten unless you 
specifically delete it.

The vehicle recorder features a 128-degree wide-angle lens claimed to capture the entire situation. The DVR-FHD590 is designed to work well during bright sunny days and very dark nights. A 600 mAh Li-ion battery means the DVR-FHD590 can record a long time without needing a recharge. The recording can be viewed in real-time or in playback mode on the 2.4-inch LCD screen. The LCD screen rotates 270 degrees so that drivers can view videos from almost every angle. It’s easily mounted to the front windshield using the adjustable mounting unit included.

The DVR-FHD590 records 30 frames per second and uses a 5 megapixel, 1/3.2-inch CMOS sensor. The DVR-FHD590 also comes with a USB cable for transferring data to a computer or charging at home. The DVR-FHD590 has a suggested retail price of $149.99.

For more information visit www.geniusnet.com.



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