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Proper Coverage RV Insurance

Originally Published in MotorHome Magazine

It’s more than a car, obviously. In addition to all the road hazards to which a car is
vulnerable, a motorhome’s stairways, power and sewer hookups, and cooking facilities
present special opportunities for personal injury and liability. And, because it tends to
be heavier than most autos, a motorhome can do proportionally more damage in an accident. Motorhome-specific insurance policies combine the appropriate features of auto and homeowners’ policies.

The Basics In addition to property damage,
per-accident and per-person liability coverages found in standard auto-insurance policies,
good motorhome policies should include the following:

  • Total loss-replacement coverage that replaces the vehicle during the first five
    model years of its life and pays the purchase price of the vehicle afterward. For
    classic vehicles, conversions and customizations, agreed value coverage locks in the
    vehicle’s value. Most companies use the bill of sale or qualified appraisers to set
    that replacement value.
  • Personal contents coverage. Specialized policies replace stolen or damaged items.
    Many companies start coverage at $2,000.
  • Unlimited towing and roadside assistance. Good policies pay unlimited mileage for
    towing to the nearest qualified repair facility. Many policies pay for an hour of
  • Emergency expense allowance to pay for meals, housing, rental cars or a ticket
    home, if the motorhome is incapacitated by a covered loss. From many insurers, the
    allowances kick in 50 miles from home.

Full-timers and people who use their motorhome more than 150 days a year also want to cover
their personal liability, additional living expenses and stored personal effects.

Mexico Taking a motorhome into Mexico presents additional, special
problems. Mexican law considers motor-vehicle accidents criminal offenses, as well as civil
wrongs. After an accident, authorities will want to see that a driver can pay for damages,
according to Mexican consular officials. A driver who is not carrying liability insurance
from a Mexican-licensed company might face jail time and impoundment of the vehicle. Also,
U.S. adjusters cannot legally enter Mexico to deal with claims, so a damaged vehicle might
have to be towed back to the States to have permanent repairs made. Good motorhome
insurance policies continue physical damage coverage (generally as long as separate
liability coverage is in effect) into Mexico and reimburse towing and transport costs back
to a U.S. facility, as well as for temporary repairs in Mexico. Some U.S. carriers have
agreements with Mexican companies to extend coverage across the border. Otherwise, Mexican
insurers have offices at most border crossings from which liability coverage can be

Price Quotes To compare prices, we went online and sought bids
on two vehicles and drivers. We got seven quotes, ranging from $1,020 to $2,412 per year,
for the first vehicle and four, ranging from $728 to $1,092 per year, for the second. It
may be worthwhile to check with third-party providers — organizations selling another
company’s insurance — because we have seen lower prices through a third party than the
insurer quoted directly.

For more details about proper coverage, pick up the April 2002
issue of MotorHome on the newsstand.

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