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Press Release: Top RV Parks with Creative Accommodations

Originally Published in Trailer Life Magazine

You don’t need to drive a motorhome, travel trailer or fifth wheel to enjoy the RV park experience. More than one third of RV parks across North America offer alternative accommodations, from park models to yurts, enabling travelers to participate in the campground community without bringing their own set of wheels.

To help travelers find the RV parks that offer the best in RV accommodations without wheels, the editors and consultants of the Good Sam RV Travel Guide and Campground Directory have compiled a list of the top RV Parks featuring park models or other stationary dwellings. Featuring parks from across North America, the list is tailored for travelers who don’t arrive at the park in an RV or would like non-RVing friends or family members stay with them in the same campground.

The most prominent non-mobile dwellings in RV parks are park models, which are transportable trailers primarily designed for long-term or permanent placement at a destination where an RV or mobile home is allowed. These have grown in popularity in recent years.

Limited to a floor plan of 400 square feet, park models average around $45,000 in price and often resemble small houses. Park models are built in styles ranging from faux colonial to log cabin and feature all the amenities found in a small residence. Guests can rent a park model for around $100 a night. Some campgrounds sell their park models to travelers who seek a seasonal dwelling.

More exotic lodgings can be found in yurts, circular, tent-like structures that owe their original design to the nomadic Mongolians, who have used Yurts for thousands of years. Commonly built with durable fabric around sturdy frames, many yurts are equipped with bathrooms, and some even have lofts.

Many campgrounds offer more traditional cabins, which range from spartan dwellings to luxurious accommodations.

Some campgrounds push the envelope when it comes to non-RV accommodations. At Mt. Olympus Zeus Village and Camp Resort in the Wisconsin Dells, guests can stay in simulated tree houses, complete with trunks and whimsically tilted windows. The eye-catching structures provide all of the amenities of a hotel room but give guests the feeling that they’re in a fairy tale setting.

The Good Sam RV Travel Guide staff selected these Top Parks with Creative Accommodations for 2013 from our database of more than 14,000 RV parks. Feel free to use the information from this press release to enhance any content you’re planning on RV travel in creative accommodations.

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