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Portable Power

Originally Published in MotorHome Magazine

Renogy introduces the Phoenix Generator 20W All-in-one Solar Kit, a briefcase-sized personal solar-energy solution that transforms the power of the sun into easy-to-use, dependable energy for smaller electronic devices. The Phoenix is a compact, lightweight backup system that combines two 10-watt monocrystalline solar panels and can expand up to 120 watts with additional photovoltaic cells. The built-in 150-watt USB and AC/DC outputs are compatible with many smaller devices and appliances, allowing users to charge and power items including smartphones, TVs, laptops, cameras, lighting and more. The Phoenix can be charged using the sun, a standard 120-volt AC outlet or an automotive 12-volt DC lighter outlet. The unit comes with a built-in sturdy and comfortable handle for easy portability and a high-quality LCD panel that shows remaining power and output usage. MSRP: $588.99.

Renogy | 800-330-8678 | www.renogy.com


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